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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Proven Organic Strategies To Get More Readers To Your Blog

It’s logical. Readers wouldn’t want to waste 3 minutes reading rubbish.  You need to give them something valuable and in a form that they understand and appreciate.

Great content comprises relevant and up-to-date topics, correct grammar, correct spelling, interesting form, and it should be detailed.

There’s no definite requirement on how long content should be but many studies found out that longer forms of at least 1000 words can contain information that delves deep into answering one question. It can go to as long as 3000 words if there are multiple queries or if the answer has relevant subtopics that shouldn’t be disregarded in the blog.

Now how do you discover hot topics that your readers care about?

hot-topics-4686508 discover hot topics that your readers care about.

There are actually tons of ways to discover the best topics that readers are engaging in. There are free tools you can use to research these topics. One of them is Google Trends. This Google page gives you a list of top trending queries searched by readers for the day. It gives you data on how many searches a certain topic got over the past 24 hours and shows you a map where these hot topics are going viral.

Another way to organically discover trending topics is Google News. Type any relevant keyword you use on your niche and you will see the top trending news on that certain keyword.

Tweak these topics so you can come up with a blog that solves the problems of the readers. If they find one of your blogs helpful, they will be tempted to subscribe. They will be tempted but you have to make sure that they really subscribe, otherwise, you lose them forever. A fact which leads us to our next tip to…

2. Always Include Opt-in Forms

Let’s say you were able to successfully put one of your blogs on the top rank of SERP. But were you able to have any conversions?

Being at the #1 spot for a blog or 2 will be totally useless if you weren’t able to make your readers subscribe to your blog.


One of the ways to make sure they do is to remind them to sign up to your blog subscription. While the feeling of being helped and impressed still lingers on them, you should take advantage and make them subscribe to you. If you let their enthusiasm pass, they might never come back so it’s okay to be a little aggressive.

Popups are effective way to get subscribers. You need to know when to make them appear, though. Definitely, it shouldn’t be at the beginning of your blog. You need to give your readers a taste of your writing and research skills first and when they’re convinced, that’s when you offer them to subscribe.

Before they exit the page or when they reach the bottom of the blog are great places to place a popup.

But if popups aren’t your style, you can simply choose from other opt-in types like animated slide-ins, floating bars, and inline opt-ins.

Then again, inviting them to subscribe might not be enough. Why not try to convince them with…

3. Free Offers or Discount Offers as Bribes

Now, this is the kind of bribe that’s not illegal. Giving your readers a gift for signing up to your blog subscription is just a way to express your gratitude for choosing you over the other blog sites.


People love treats. They feel valued when they receive gifts. One of the things you can offer as a lead magnet is a free ebook or free access to your newsletters. You can even offer free software or app, or cheat sheet that you designed. There are limitless offers that don’t require you to spend a penny.


Ebooks are the most popular incentives offered by most blogs. You can just find your most popular post on Google and repurpose it to make an ebook. It doesn’t have to be long like other ebooks. One with 1000 words can already do.

You can use free ebook generators like Beacon. You just have to create an account, paste the URL of you blog and it create your eBook for you. You can define the template you want for your ebook or customize the layout and content.

But not everyone have the same interest. One may love your eBook offer, but another reader may one a cheat sheet. This is why you need to consider using…

4. Targeted Opt-ins

Offer everything you think your readers will like. You can categorize your site visitors so you can bribe them with something they like. This is a foolproof technique that helped a lot of blog site owners grow their subscribers in just a few months.

Remember, the more relevant your opt-in offers are, the more likely people are to subscribe to your blog.

You can do this through page-level targeting. This allows you to create an opt-in specific to your content. For instance, if your blog is about making money online through affiliate marketing, then offer a cheat sheet to convert your blogs into sales in 30 days.

Likewise, if your blog is about a new style of cooking, then offer bonus access to your video collection of recipes. If your post is about a tutorial on a certain task, then offer a worksheet for a freebie.

5. Blog Subscriber Landing Page

Landing pages are dedicated opt-ins. Its purpose is to convince your website visitors, no matter which page they are at, to subscribe to your blog. Most landing pages are placed on the home page of a website where most people go first when they visit your website. But you can place them in all of your pages too and you can customize the timing when they should appear.


Your landing page should include important details of your unique offer including the benefits of subscribing, what kind of content they’ll get by subscribing, the email frequency, and the lead magnets.

In creating a landing page, it is okay to be creative and elaborate but studies have it that it is the offer that really convinces the audience to subscribe. So focus more on planning your lead magnet and the copy you put on the landing page than the design.

You can use your landing page for external blog promotion too by linking it to your social media profiles, online ads, or when they comment on any of your blog posts.

A landing page is one of the most effective ways to turn your readers into loyal subscribers so make sure to include it on your blog site.

6. Use Your Guesting to Get More Subscribers

It may sound like fishing readers from another website but this is absolutely legal.


Guest posting is a way for you to get backlinks but more than that, you get more readers. Once you connect with a high authority website and they allow you to use your link in an anchor text, there’s a high probability that readers on that site will click to your link. Now, you can either use a link that directs the readers to your landing page or use one that will direct them to a relevant post.

Another tool to take advantage of is the Author Bio.

Author Bio Sample

Compose a guest post bio that will spark interest among readers to go check your website and look into your blogs. You can mention something like:

When John isn’t engrossed in writing new blogs, he would do podcasts for John Podcast and Blogs….

This way, if the guest post site won’t allow you to include your link, you can let their readers know that you have a site and that site is called “John Podcasts and Blogs” and that you offer blogs and podcasts.

One more way to promote your work on other websites is to guest in a podcast and videos. Freely talk and introduce your work and invite everyone personally to check your site. Most podcasts also let you choose a link they can include in the podcast description or notes. This goes the same with videos published on Youtube.


The third way is to create a blog roundup. You usually see this on forums. For those who aren’t familiar with it yet, roundups are compilations of the best answers to a question. These posts are very valuable as readers get direct answers from here. Mostly, experts in the niche are the ones participating. Roundups are very effective in boosting web traffic so it will be favorable for you if an expert shares your post on roundups.

7. Use Email Signature

Place your link everywhere possible including your email signature. Whenever you push an email campaign or respond to your readers or send proposals to other websites, be sure to use your email signature which should contain a link to your landing page or anywhere on your website.

8. Allow Email Sharing

Most emails have restrictions so they can’t be shared. You can customize the settings and allow sharing so that your subscribers have the option of sharing a piece of it on social media or forwarding them to others who decide to subscribe too.

Of course, most of them may not so remind them that they can share it. Include a call to action button like “Share it with a Friend” and choose lines that they can share.

You can also add social media buttons in the email.

9. Test Your Opt-ins and Tweak Until It’s Perfect

Run some split test that everything you employed on your site is working. There’s no sense placing a landing page or any opt-in if they don’t work.


Use A/B testing features to experiment with your headings, copy, call to action buttons, images, and other elements that will help you in attracting subscribers to your blog.

Start your test with big details first like your lead magnet and the main image on the opt-in. Then you can hop on to defining other lesser important details like button shape and color.

Remember to just test one change at a time, and give it at least a few weeks to see if it’s effective. If not, then change it into your Plan B.


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