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Best Cybersecurity And Technology Blogs To Follow In 2020

Technology is evolving every day, and so is cybersecurity. We know that these changes are to make things better. IT professionals, students, and businesses need to gain more knowledge and keep up with the trends and changes that are happening. And what better way to do so is to read blogs and follow websites that bring new skills and understanding of the subject matter. We have made a list of the Best Cybersecurity and Technology blogs you need to follow this 2020. So, learn more and stay updated with the latest trends, news, and researches.


Techculator believes in providing quality content to their readers. It was founded by Tony John, who received the Microsoft MVP award for 4 consecutive years. Techcular aims to serve technology users and communities. Hence, they cover a wide range of topics on technology, from Google to Microsoft Windows, and so on.


You can stay updated with the latest trends in technology, even if you are busy. Today Tech Media is a website that offers updates on technology, social media, business, and even gaming. They aim to change the lives of their readers by sharing all the true information.


GotoWebsecurity is an independent website that provides information about online, PC, and mobile security. They also stay updated with the latest cyberattacks that are happening. Aside from the latest updates in cybersecurity, GotoWebsecurity also provides information to their readers who became a target of cybercriminals.


Best in Australia is an Australia-based website that covers a wide range of topics. They provide news and well-researched articles about entrepreneurial businesses, innovators, technology, and cybersecurity.

Since there are abundant misleading information out there, Best in Australia wants to provide accurate articles and be the beacon of integrity.

If you are looking for a highly-informative website and engaging content, Best in Australia can cover any topic you are interested in.


Peter Bowey, the founder of Peter Bowey Computer Services, has more than 32 years of experience in performing services and support.

Aside from his expertise in computer service, repairs, and support, Bowey also shares his knowledge in computer technology. His website includes articles about hacking, cybersecurity, and technology.

He aims to provide his readers with well-researched content about how digital technology can enhance one’s computer knowledge.


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