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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
HomeDigital MarketingScraper API: Best Program For SEO Analysis

Scraper API: Best Program For SEO Analysis

Messages on forums, and posts on social networks can provide an analytical basis for building the right development strategy for any SEO project. To solve most problems, you can pay a subscription for full access to the selected service. Scraper API will give a lot of helpful information and allow you to assess the prospects of your resource in a highly competitive environment.

Scrapers For SEO

SEO specialists, as well as Internet marketers, use parsers. After all, with their help, you can:

  • Analyze the correctness of the mirror settings;
  • Check the contents of robots.txt, sitemap.xml files;
  • View the presence, length, content of meta tags and titles;
  • Find and eliminate “broken” links;
  • Collect basic information about technical optimization on all pages.

Scraper API Helps

Meet one of the most popular SEO parsers in the world. The program interface can be accessed through the Personal Account on the site, with the transfer of rights to manage parsing parameters via the API. In contrast, the program itself is installed on the developer’s servers.

The tool allows:

  • Analyze the content of the site;
  • Get the answer code of each page;
  • Check the indexing status of search engines;
  • Study the length of the content of meta tags, headings, subheadings;
  • Control image parameters and graphics;
  • Find errors when setting up canonical links, pagination;
  • It is noteworthy that each of the links displays information about its status, type, size, meta tags, keywords, and the identified error.

The tool is paid for, and the cost depends on the chosen tariff. But the basic functions of the parser are available in each option.

Parser Selection Rules

Choosing the “right” parser for your tasks is not easy. Nevertheless, it is possible. To do this, just answer a few questions:

  • What do you need a parser to analyze competitors, transfer information from the supplier’s site, SEO audit, or a combination of several tasks?
  • What data, in what volume, and format do you need to receive?
  • How regularly will you have to collect and process the information needed to optimize or maintain the site?
  • Do programs or free online services solve the problems pursued by your site, or do you need to invest in purchasing a unique script?

From hundreds of tools, it is necessary to choose 1-2, having studied all responses about them in detail. In addition, it is desirable to correlate the level of self-training with the complexity of the chosen program. In most cases, these points are enough to choose the most suitable parser and understand whether you need to pay for a license or subscription to the service.



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