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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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How to Increase Domain Authority In Just 1 Month

One of the many things you can do for your SEO is to boost your domain authority. For the SEO newbies, Domain Authority is like a score of your credibility. You build your domain authority when quality websites are linking back to you because they find your content highly relevant, unique, and useful to their own set of audience. So when your D.A. is high, it means that more website owners in your niche and readers trust what you publish.

Building your domain authority isn’t so simple. It usually takes a long time to bank quality content, increase your traffic, and convince other high domain authority sites to link back to you. But I know of some ways to help you increase your domain authority in just 1 month.

A simple answer – backlinking strategies.

Backlinking is a great way to gain more readers by having other websites use your page links in their content. This is an effective way to increase your traffic since the audiences of the website linking to you are referred to your site. And the best part? It’s organic and 100% free. But yes, there are those who would require some payment or X-deals for them to post your link on their website and these are the ones with very high Domain Authority in your niche.

Don’t expect this to be easy, though. As simple as it may seem, convincing high-D.A. websites to link back to you is a tedious task. It requires great attention most especially when creating content you’ll promote for backlinking.

Search engines don’t want low-quality links. When you happen to link to one with this kind of link, it will affect your own credibility. And this is why high domain sites are becoming stricter when it comes to allowing backlinks.

This goes the same for you. Google wouldn’t care how many backlinks you win. It only cares about the quality of the site that linked to you. So your target in backlinking should be finding high-quality links and courting them to link back to you.

To round it up, here are good reasons why you should work on backlinking as a part of your SEO. It can require extra training or investment when you hire a backlink specialist. But the results will lead you to handsome results. So don’t hesitate and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased web traffic from readers of the other websites redirected to your pages.
  • Improve your domain authority while being connected with a higher D.A.-website. Also, increase your chance of ranking your pages.
  • Increase your chance of ranking your contents with your target keyphrase.
  • Beat out your competitor who relies solely on on-site SEO or who’s doing off-site SEO the wrong way.

For searchers of products and services, they don’t really care about how you do your SEO. All they care about is that you rank because that is how they know that they can trust you. They know the basics too that the more you appear on popular websites, the more credible you are. So backlinking is a strategy that you must take seriously.

Backlinking for SEO is important. Here we present effective and safe ways on how to get backlinks for your web pages.

The goal here is to increase your website’s domain authority score, which can improve your chances of ranking for any of your optimized content.

Guest posts are one of the most used backlinking strategies by website owners. They usually search for higher authority sites who allow external blogs to be posted in their sites. Sometimes, these high authority websites allow links to be posted in the content. Most of the time, they only allow mention of the website or hyperlinks in the author’s bio.

So when you submit guest blogs, always capitalize on the author’s bio. Make a strong introduction to your website without doing hard selling.

When looking for websites to submit your guest posts to, you have to find one that’s related to your niche. It will be awesome if you have been a follower of that site so that you can easily convince them to have you post on their blog several times.

But submitting blogs for guest-posting isn’t always easy. There are high authority sites who are so picky that they screen applicants very thoroughly. If they see that they won’t gain in any way from your blog and your website, then they won’t let you post in theirs. This can be changed, though, if you craft a good guest post pitch. I will discuss this on another blog in the coming days.

If you are just starting out, you might want to avoid guest post sites that require solicitations. However, these sites are highly credible, hence placing the fees to screen out those who are just starting out in blogging. So if you want to be in these sites soon, bank quality contents on your site and increase your traffic until you qualify.

In a previous blog, I mentioned about how podcasting will can help you promote your website and content. By guesting on podcasts of high authority sites, you can encourage their listeners directly to come visit your website.

Most podcast hosts allow their guests to introduce their business and then includes a link to their business URL in the show notes or resources.

Another way to gain backlinks is to get featured in expert roundups. One example of this is a forum where one question will be posted and at least a hundred can reply to. Slack community or Facebook groups are great places for niche-specific discussions where you can be featured. Another is Reddit and one more is Quora.

If there are opportunities to add your voice or include a link, then do it. Some would only allow you to reply with 75-150 words so be sure to use these words to make others know about your business and how they can go to your website.

If you have friends who do blogs too or when they are already a regular guest blogger in a high authority site, ask a little favor of adding you to their listicles.

Listicles are now one of the most popular types of blogs being published these days. Find the authors of the ranking listicles and send them an email requesting that you be featured in their article. Of course, they will ask you for reasons why they should add your link to the list so send them a strong pitch.

In your email, offer a number of benefits that the author can enjoy when they add your link. You can either offer:

  • Free software
  • Free social media promotion
  • Guest post opportunity
  • Backlink in upcoming content

Taking advantage of the press is one of the best strategies for backlinking. High authority websites like Forbes and Entrepreneur and other online magazines often include quotes and note the author or reference the website they got it from. This is why quality content is highly important.

But there are too many good reads out there. Each content has its own unique character so how will you stand out from others? You need to help yourself and reach out to press writers. Let them know what sort of topics you can provide quotes for.


Now, there are specific pages on your website where you want readers outside your space to be redirected to. There are those who would try getting links to their homepage where their landing pages are, while some others aim to get links for their product pages or to their evergreen blogs.

For this to become an effective SEO strategy, you should optimize the pages for a target keyphrase. That way, any backlinks you acquire make it more likely that you will rank for that keyphrase.

Yes! You don’t have to do all the guesswork, most especially when you are just a new web owner. There are a lot of backlinking tools you can capitalize on and they were already proven and tested to be effective by SEO specialists. Even I have my own preferred tool.

While these tools are known mostly for analytics, they can be used to help you execute your plans for your backlinking. Using them will speed up the process so you can get backlinks as fast as one month! Here are some that I recommend and how they can assist you in your backlinking:

  • BuzzSumo – Find influencers and manage link building outreach
  • JustReachOut – Find journalists and manage pitches
  • Ahrefs – Track backlinks, research keyphrases, track page ranking and more
  • BuzzStream – Find influencers and manage link building outreach
  • SmallSEOTools – Check for broken links on any site
  • NinjaOutreach – Find multiple link building opportunities and manage outreach

Even with tools, some people still can’t perfect their backlinking techniques. And it is such a waste to just put aside off-site SEO.

If backlinking is something you can’t comprehend, it’s smart to consider getting backlinking services. Compared to the profit you can generate, a few hundred dollars of investment per month is relatively small.

In-house marketing and PR employees can go it alone, or share the work with SEO freelancers or SEO agencies. But before you go the third-party route, consider doing it in-house first so that you can develop an internal process. Getting experts, like using tools, will help you get an ROI in just a month.

Off-Page SEO techniques are the things that are directly done off your website to improve your search ranking. Using the right ranking tool like Linkio could help your rankings boost and higher organic traffic to your website.

Watch out for the strategies used by the people you hire. Make sure that they don’t use black hat techniques that will have you penalized or removed from SERPs altogether.

The key to enjoying the benefits of backlinking in just a month is to pursue your contacts. With a tool, you can easily determine which websites to send your pitches to. You can also see what your competitors are doing so you can look into using strategies that work for them.

Getting the help of an expert will also help you achieve success in this off-site SEO game. It will be difficult to convince some high authority websites but keep on sending in your highest quality contents. There will come a time when they will remember you and your pitches, most especially when you send them a unique topic. So invest on your content. They will be your main asset in winning the attention of websites with high domain authority. In time, you will also be as credible as they are in the eyes of search engines and the readers.


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